Evotek SYM 026 Club Edition

Don't miss the opportunity to participate in the
Evotek SYM 026 World Championship 2013

SYM 026 at the WhirlyDome in Orlando, Florida, USA
Nurburgring Formula 1 Racing Track, Germany
Posted on YouTube by Chris Crone on July 21, 2012

Participation in the first
Evotek SYM 026 World Championship
is FREE.

The championship includes five qualifying races on laser-scanned racing tracks, during a period of five months.

The face-off between the five track champions will take place at the end of September or beginning of October. For the occasion, the five competing simulators will networked via the Internet, to allow the drivers to race each other in real time, fighting for the first position as if they were physically on the same track driving a real F1 monocoque.

For more information and to read the official Rules & Regulations, please visit the championship official web site, EvotekSymCup.com.

For SYM users in the US only: Look forward to the SYM US Cup 2013-14, starting August 16, 2013, and ending on January 26, 2014. As for the championship, participation in the SYM US Cup is FREE.

PLEASE NOTE: Regular ride charges by entertainment and racing centers, museums, and other facilities apply.